farm stays in France

The France Gastronomy Tours label plays a crucial role in transforming farms and agricultural structures into genuine tourist and hospitality destinations. This label supports local farmers and producers at every stage of their transition, enabling them to showcase their regional expertise and diversify their income sources.

First, France Gastronomy Tours provides expertise in tourism development. The label's teams work closely with farmers to design attractive and authentic tourist offers. This includes arranging the premises to welcome visitors, creating discovery tours of local products, and organizing educational workshops to showcase local production methods.

Next, the label provides essential marketing support. By benefiting from the notoriety of France Gastronomy Tours, farms and agricultural structures gain visibility. The label helps promote tourist activities through various channels, such as social media, specialized websites, and professional fairs. This communication strategy attracts a wide and diverse audience, eager for new experiences and gastronomic discoveries.

Additionally, France Gastronomy Tours offers training and practical advice to improve tourist reception. Farmers learn how to manage accommodations, organize tastings and guided tours, and provide quality service that meets visitors' expectations. These training sessions are essential for ensuring an enriching tourist experience and retaining customers.

Finally, the label encourages collaborations between the different labeled structures. By creating a network of farms and producers involved in tourism, France Gastronomy Tours promotes the exchange of best practices and joint initiatives. This synergy strengthens the tourist offer and allows for the creation of comprehensive thematic circuits, highlighting the richness and diversity of French agricultural heritage.

France Gastronomy Tours supports farms and agricultural structures by helping them develop into genuine tourist destinations. Through support in development, marketing, training, and networking, the label contributes to the promotion of regional expertise and the enhancement of French gastronomic heritage.